Not many people it seem have heard of USO’s, we delve deeper to find out more about these lesser know UFO’s

USO what is a uso?

We look into USO’s the lesser know UFO types

USO is an acronym that stands for Unidentified Submerged Object. An underwater UFO Literally that is what a USO is, something moving under water that at the time of viewing the viewers are not sure what it is.  A lot of USOs are later identified as something else (submarine, fishing gear, school of fish, etc.). However more and more USOs are being reported every year and the phenomenon has led to UFOlogists theorizing that Aliens and USOs may have deep underwater bases. Considering we know more about the moon then we do about some of our deep oceans the theory may be potentially true.

It is interesting to note that Christopher Columbus wrote in his journals that he saw a USO come out of the water and fly off as a bright light. What did he see, we will never know but since it is unidentified, Christopher Columbus saw a USO.

It is remarkable that most parts of our world are covered with water and that there is some evidence that the UFOs also use this “matter” to move to most places of the planet without being seen from anyone. If a UFO move beneath the sea we call it a USO – a unidentified submarine object and there are more sighting reports about such strange submarines than most of us know.

But why are USOs moving trough the water and what is their task? Maybe they have the same reason as the flying UFOs in the sky. Unfortunately we dont know their task. Are UFOs and USOs parts of the same phenomena and have they a common origin? Can all UFOs also be USOs? Is it no problem for them to move in space, air and water? It seemed so. Are there alien bases beneath the sea? Who knows. At last: are there any normal and natural explanations for the sightings of USOs. Maybe. Some tiny plants and animals (plankton) in the sea are in fact able to emit light and to produce “glowing spots” on the water and also chemical reactions can cause such phenomena (the mysterious “white water” in the Bermuda triangle is maybe a result of chemical reactions.) But can plankton produce “illusions” of solid and metalish cylindrical and disc-shaped objects moving with high speed? How can plankton rise from the water and start flying trough the air (as many USOs have done)?

If we believe that UFOs are a fact, we must believe that the submarine objects also exists. If we find the truth about one of the phenomena we can maybe solve also the other. In the meantime people in the whole world will certainly continue to discover strange objects not only flying in the sky but also diving beneath the sea.