UK Man Witnesses 5ft Grey Alien In His Home

UK man see grey alien in his living room


We have this great story from a UK Man called Raymond who sent us this story about a 5ft Grey Alien found at this home and also captured the image above.

Witness Statement:

This photo was accidental – I was using camera phone flash as a torch  when I bumped into the alien in my home, when we bumped into each other i accidently hit the photo button and this is the end result

In the flash I saw a 5ft (approx) tall grey humanoid with a bald, egg like head and black, almond shaped eyes (that didnt seem to reflect the flash) wearing a black 1 piece suit with silver shoulder pads and a reddish waist band.

It had something like a bluetooth headset on the side of its head and something in its hand. This thing also went into my fridge – I found the contents moved around.

I have no idea what it was – but we scared each other. I ran back into my bedroom/lounge,  and the thing went back into my kitchen. When I went to check a few minutes later (saying ‘hello’ and apologising for scaring it) it was gone.

A truly bizarre case!

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