UFO spotted in the skies above a Cornish town

UFO spotted in Cornwall UK

Another UFO was spotted today in the skies above a small seaside town on the UK’s south coast has locals speculating that UFO’s may have visited. A bemused witness captured the obscure craft at Sumerleaze Beach in Bude, Cornwall, and sent it to the Cornwall UFO Research Group.

The group posted the image, which shows a ‘triangular object’ hovering in the sky, to their Facebook page and it has since been shared online, generating a swathe of debate about what it might be.

The group insist it could be a possible extra terrestrial sighting, while others suggest it might be a drone or even one of the Russian bombers intercepted in the area last week

David Gilham, who posted the picture to the group, said it was the second sighting in as many weeks.

Mr Gilham said on Facebook: “Taken at Sumerleaze Beach, Bude, N Cornwall 17th February. Looks triangular…but I have no idea what it is? The second sighting I have witnessed around N Cornwall in two weeks.”

Can you explain this mystery object?

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