UFO Spotted around 2004 BL86 Asteroid

BL86 Asteroid UFO

New in this week a UFO has been spotted within close proximity around the 2004 BL86 Asteroid. We can see from the detailed photo that the craft is diamond shaped and flat. NASA of course goes on to say that this flat object is a moon?


Tell us your thoughts on this matter..

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  1. Is this not a moon or something?

    • Received this very interesting comemnt by email:Good morning! I’m writing in response to your sighting over Preston Beach. I began this in your comemnt space on your website, but it became so long and rambling (typical of me!) that I thought it might be best to write you this way. I hope you don’t mind. This is my first visit to your site led here by your UFO posting. I grew up in Marblehead during the 50 s and 60 s, and I know the town well. Your photographs are breathtaking! There is nothing more ethereal than first morning light and you have caught those moments with your great talent and obvious great affection for the town. They evoke some powerful memories. I thank you for sharing your vision with me. Tuesday evening, the night before your sighting, I had an interesting experience. I live now in Kittery, Maine which is very close to Pease International Airport, formerly an Air Force Base, and where huge airshows are held. During the days leading up to a show, the Blue Angels fly directly overhead during their practice, so I am very familiar with the sound of fighter planes, jets, directly overhead. Kittery is also directly north of Marblehead, about 40 or so miles, on the coast. Sometime around 8 or 9 pm, I heard a deep, low rumbling. There is no traffic at that time of night, this is a small, self-contained community. I had the thought that it was a plane but it was such a low hum that I could feel’ it and it was far too sustained. It went on long enough for me to say to my son Do you hear that? What is’ that? and have a short conversation on what we thought it was, then decide to go outside to see. He got outside a few seconds ahead of me. He saw clearly, and I saw far off through trees, three fighters flying low, coming from the direction of Pease, first in a single line, then go into a triangular formation. The rumbling had continued, was of course louder and clearer outside. The sound of the fighters was superimposed over the rumbling and ended before the last of the rumbles. The sound was something I had never heard before, even during all of the airshows I had been directly in the flight path of at home, or had attended in person, not even while standing at the flightline. It was rather unsettling; the sound was so very chest-thumpingly deep and had sounded so low to the ground from inside. Everything vibrated. (I have also lived for 12 years in the Mojave Desert, in the test flight path of many experimental planes from Edwards AFB, and including the SR-71, which flew VERY low and slow overhead. I’ve heard lots of unusual sounds from lots of unusual aircraft.) We talked about the possibility of some sort of terrorist activity somewhere to explain the appearance of the fighters, or some war related action. Then we talked about UFO’s .to the extent that I came back into the house and went online to see if there had been some sort of sighting, but of course it would have been far too soon to that, most likely. So we had teasingly ended the conversation with Well, if there’s a sighting reported in the morning, we’ll know what we heard! Wednesday morning when I went to my FaceBook page, TWO people from Marblehead had posted your video; one was my own brother!! I was floored, absolutely speechless (which is something I am never’!!!) So, there you have it. I am quite certain that what I heard and what you photographed are related: the same fantastic vehicle. I’d like to know what you’ think! Thank you again for your beautiful photographs: I’ll be returning to your site to go through your archives a perfect activity for a rain, chill morning like this (and with a much-delayed cup of coffee in hand!) Karen Welch

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