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UFO Crashes in Canada Full Video

UFO Crash Canada

Mysterious lights seen over Jackhead Were Booking Manitoba, Canada last week. UFO Researchers suspect a UFO crash in Lake Winnipeg as military strength-have-been spotted on snowmobiles pulling a massive drive to the lake.Purpose in response to reports about the UFO crash and recovery, the Canadian Forces Said That It Was simply a military training exercise. Seriously? On Wednesday evening, February ...

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UFO Sighting 2015 Large Orb UFO Releases smaller orbs Massachusetts USA

Best UFO Footage 2015

Best UFO Sighting of 2015 Unreal footage of glowing orb that delivers other orbs then vanishes, great video and very hard to explain Fimed in the USA in massachusetts, pittsfield on 13/01/2015 Visit the facebok page https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=… Also check out http://www.alienufosightings.co.uk for all the latest ufo sightings and news from around the world

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Dark UFO resembling a flying horse is caught on film in Mexico

Mexico UFO spotted

A UFO that resembled a flying horse has been spotted close to one of Mexico‘s most active volcanoes. The dark object appeared to have two legs and was seen hovering into view out of nowhere as volcano Colima, 300 miles west of Mexico City, spewed out smoke. Captured on webcam after Colima erupted this week, the enigmatic ‘equine’ vanished moments ...

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