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UFO Sightings 2015 UFO appeared above the city of Iquique, Chile

UFO Sightings 2015

On November, 13th a large circular-shaped UFO appeared above the city of Iquique, Chile in the Northern Chile’s Tarapaca Region. The UFO was blue and made no sound according to reports that were sent in by thousands of people that had witnessed it. While it hovered above silently, video and photo evidence was taken. The area has a population of ...

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Shape Shifting UFO Caught On Video in USA

UFO seen over New York

A video of unusual shapes has caught the eye of on-line residents. Tony Shea, who owns paranormal website Shea Journal, initially thought he recorded the planet Venus over New York. He then felt a presence when capturing the obvious planet. Within the video description, he mentioned that he wakened at round 2 am after a wierd dream. He believed at ...

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Readers UFO Sightings #1

Reader UFO sightings

One of our readers has sent in this statement of his ufo sightings Subject: ufo sighting 1979 In july 1979 just before sunrise about 500 yards before me at tree top level a flying disk came into view from the left, it was so close i could see through the glass. As I was looking trying to gather as much ...

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UFO Sighting North Carolina witness see’s low flying cigar UFO

UFO Sightings in North Carolina USA

A North Carolina witness at Havelock reported watching a low flying, cigar-formed UFO that “gently” came into view and rapidly moved west, in response to testimony. The reporting witness and her son have been finishing an exit turn off of westbound Freeway 70 leading to Greenfield Heights on a clear evening with sparse traffic when the object first got here into ...

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Strange UFO Sighting In Spring, Texas

UFO SIghtings In Texas www.alienufosightings.co.uk

An strange UFO video was uploaded by Joseph Reyna depicting a bunch of white orbs or lights. They look like the orbs were linked as if a part of one massive craft. No video description is was used so particulars are sparse. Submit your UFO video for evaluation: info@alienufosightings.co.uk Please watch the video and tell us your thoughts about what you think it may be? For ...

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