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Strange Ufo Sighting spotted in the night sky in Cannock UK

A wierd ufo was spotted moving slowly and loudly throughout the evening sky in Cannock has sparked a UFO frenzy. A whole lot of owners took to social media after first listening to a loud drone, then recognizing the huge object transfer slowly over their properties. Many imagine that there’s a very earthly clarification for a Shut Encounter that has the group ...

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UFO spotted in the skies above a Cornish town

UFO spotted in Cornwall UK

Another UFO was spotted today in the skies above a small seaside town on the UK’s south coast has locals speculating that UFO’s may have visited. A bemused witness captured the obscure craft at Sumerleaze Beach in Bude, Cornwall, and sent it to the Cornwall UFO Research Group. The group posted the image, which shows a ‘triangular object’ hovering in the sky, ...

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Scarborough named UFO capital of the UK

Scarborough UFO

VISITORS have flocked to the Yorkshire seaside town of Scarborough for generations to enjoy the candy floss and donkey rides. Now the resort is aiming to cash in on close encounters of a different kind after being named the UFO capital of Britain. Tourism chiefs hope ET could do for the resort what the Loch Ness monster has done for ...

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UFO Sighting Over Shipley, West Yorkshire UK

West Yorkshire UFO Sighting

What appears to be a UFO hovers above the scenic skyline of the town in this picture taken by chance by local man Emil Ziemczonek. He took some pictures of his local neighbourhood to show to a friend, and it was only when he looked back at the image later that he spotted the eerie sight. The 24-year-old said: ‘I could ...

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UK Astronomer Films Wierd Moon Object In Crater on Moon

Weird objects on the moon

While filming the moon through my telescope, i noticed a wierd arch shape object coming from one of the craters on the moon. The mirror on the teelscope has just been cleaned and i do not think it is a shadow, it stood out like a sore thumb, i alos shot a still which clearly shows the object coming from ...

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