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Jellyfish UFO caught on camera in the Netherlands

UFO sighting in Netherlands today

Bizarre UFO object caught on camera was sent to us today A Nature blogger was shocked when he appeared to capture a UFO on a digital camera. Harry Perton photographed the weird object in Groningen, the Netherlands, after he ventured out in a storm to take footage for his weblog last week. However he was surprised when he checked his digital camera and noticed ...

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UFO flys Over Nuclear Power Plant France Nov 2014

UFO Over France November 2014

UFO flying over NUCLEAR POWER PLANT in FRANCE !!! Nov 2014… UFO filmed flying over nuclear power plant in northeast France ! [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa49P24lHjc[/youtube] A government official told the Associated Press that authorities have counted about 15 drone flights over a half-dozen nuclear sites since Oct. 1. Authorities insist that France’s nuclear facilities are designed to handle seismic and security risks, ...

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