UFO Sighting North Carolina witness see’s low flying cigar UFO

UFO Sightings in North Carolina USAA North Carolina witness at Havelock reported watching a low flying, cigar-formed UFO that “gently” came into view and rapidly moved west, in response to testimony.

The reporting witness and her son have been finishing an exit turn off of westbound Freeway 70 leading to Greenfield Heights on a clear evening with sparse traffic when the object first got here into view about 11:33 p.m. on May 14, 2015.

“It was right here Coming up from the distant east tree line about one-half mile away at roughly a forty five-degree slope

The witness described the article’s motion.

“It moved mild, blimpish, quietly and slowly leveling out because it headed west. At one level it was nearly immediately above us barely north and we have been mesmerized by the size, which was primarily evidenced by the lengthy darkish hole between a entrance, giant nearly LED-kind gentle on a barely cone-formed tip to the again with a few sample, pulsating crimson lights (no inexperienced, blue or different lights).”

The 2 witnesses continued to look at.

“I rolled down my window and we stared because it continued west towards the northwest forest tree line, in an oddly, low, low altitude for such a dimension, till out of sight.”

The witness detailed the primary gadgets that stood out.

“Most uncommon was its floating kind of motion, its measurement and really darkish exterior, and a really conspicuous lack of sound. We have now lived subsequent to MCAS Cherry Point almost 20 years. My partner (now retired) was concerned in land air protection on the air station. We will establish quite a few plane by sight, shadow, sound and motion patterns. We steadily hear flights out and in of Cherry Level Air Station together with vertical elevate helicopters, and naturally, the harrier jets that may ‘hover.’ This object was not identifiable to something beforehand skilled.”

Cigar Shaped UFO

The witness is optimistic the article was not a army plane.

“It was a lot bigger than identified typical army craft, together with the C-130. It moved nearly like a blimp, however was not the massive soccer/blimp form, more like an extended very darkish (almost matching the night time sky) cigar.”

The item made no sound.

“As this unusual object passed overhead, we listened particularly for any sound patterns. There have been none. The item simply passed by at fast and regular pace till it was now not seen. We (son and I) each agreed we couldn’t identify this craft so we thought of it a UFO.

Havelock is a metropolis in Craven County, North Carolina, inhabitants 20,735. Please keep in mind that most UFO sighting could be defined as one thing pure or man-made. The above quotes had been edited for readability.

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