UFO DOCUMENTARY 2015: Aliens on the moon The Truth Exists

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The heart of “Aliens on the Moon” is a review of decades-old photographs from the Apollo missions, with commentary by sources ranging from former Apollo astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Edgar Mitchell to old standbys on the UFO scene (MUFON analyst Marc D’Antonio, “Dark Mission” co-author Mike Bara and physicist John Brandenburg, plus photo lab workers Donna Hare and Ken Johnston).

First, about those photographs: Many of the cases have long been part of Apollo UFO lore, and have been addressed on websites such as The Emoluments of Mars. It’s fun to see those cases reviewed, as long as you know the history.

Watch for the case of the Asada Crater satellite dish, the tale of the lunar pyramid (also known as the Daedalus ziggurat), the picture of the Apollo 17 skull (also known as Data’s Head) and the paperclip on the moon (which has been traced to lint on the picture). Rational Wiki lists the greatest hits on the lunar anomaly list.

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  1. I too have seen a ufo following a jet aircraft, over my house here in Norfolk!

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