UFO Crashes in Canada Full Video

UFO Crash Canada

Mysterious lights seen over Jackhead Were Booking Manitoba, Canada last week. UFO Researchers suspect a UFO crash in Lake Winnipeg as military strength-have-been spotted on snowmobiles pulling a massive drive to the lake.Purpose in response to reports about the UFO crash and recovery, the Canadian Forces Said That It Was simply a military training exercise. Seriously?

On Wednesday evening, February 18, reports Began making rounds on social media about the lights on Lake Winnipeg. Selon the Post by Brent Facebook Mancheese, There Were reports on UFO crash on Jackhead Reserve in Manitoba, Canada. Apparently the Canadian army vehicles Were lined up on the north shore. Take pictures of the szene Was protected strictly forbidden, the army HAS Issued Even a threat to anyone tried to do. Many Were Witnesses in the area. These Reportedly Witnesses saw a round object being white Transported on the lake and pulled by snowmobiles and Bombardier. Eight fishermen reported about the incident, wonders why the goal Mancheese autorités About did not let the media know if it Was a plane crash.

In Reviews another postponement, bad thing happened to a witness with a camera. He Said That a disc-shaped craft spotted diving Was Into the frozen lake. At least one witness Was ble to get a picture of the craft. Unfortunately, this person has-been arrêté by the Canadian military.

Selon Lieutenant Colonel. Paul Davies, the Canadian Army Was participante Exercise Arctic Bison in 2015, That program trains military staff to handle emergencies in harsh environments. UFO urgency of the accident has-been included in the training? Does not say Davies.

Davies, the order of the Territorial Battalion Group 38 Explained That There Were No aliens or UFOs and only his Friends from the Air Force in caregivers on exercise.

source: http://areazone51ufos.blogspot.be/2015/02/dernieres-ovni-accident-incident-au.html

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