Top 10 Hubble Space Images Part 1

Number 10 – Cosmic Fireworks Best Hubble Telescope Images

Top 10 Hubble Images

Sparkling with energy, a cluster of young stars lights up a cavity in the roiling dust of the Tarantula Nebula. For Zoltan Levay, charged with bringing Hubble Space Telescope imagery to the public, the scene’s dynamism is irresistible. “Stars are being born, stars are dying,” he says. “There’s a vast amount of material churning.”

Number 9 – Star Power Best Hubble Telescope Images

Hubble Images

Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 looks through the Horsehead Nebula in a uniquely detailed infrared image. A classic target of astronomy, the nebula normally appears dark against a bright background, but Hubble penetrates the shroud of interstellar dust and gas. It’s a hint of what to expect from NASA’s planned infrared James Webb Space Telescope

Number 8 – Galactic Waltz Best Hubble Space Telescope Images

Top 10 hubble images

The interplay of their gravitational forces bends two spiral galaxies, collectively known as Arp 273, as they approach and prepare to merge 300 million light-years away. “It looks to me like they’re in a dance,” Levay says. “They’ll orbit around each other for eons and finally come together.”

Number 7 – Near and Far Best Hubble Space Telescope Images

Hubble best images

In a deep-focus image, bright stars shine nearby in the Milky Way. Most of the other stars shown, including the cluster at bottom, are in the Andromeda galaxy. Billions of light-years beyond, entire galaxies glow. Levay: “It may not look like much, but what we see is nothing less than the entire sweep of the cosmos in a single image.”

Number 6 – Celestial Wings Best Hubble Space Telescope Images

Best Hubble Images

Gas from a dying star resembles a butterfly, its lacy wings formed by the ejection of its outer layers. Unique and colorful planetary nebulae like NGC 6302 have provided some of Hubble’s most popular images. “They’re beautiful,” Levay says, “but some very complex dynamics and phenomena shape these things.”

Number 5 – Spectral Vision  Best Hubble Space Telescope Images

Hubble Top 10

What looks like a ghostly ring suspended in the heavens is really a gas bubble 23 light-years across, the remnant of a supernova explosion first observed in our sky 400 years ago. “The simplicity of this image is haunting,” says Levay, “but deceptive.” Myriad forces ripple the bubble’s surface and distort its shape.


Part 2 Best Hubble Images


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