Thousands See Giant UFOs All Over Australia


These UFOs hidden in the clouds of Australia were seen this week all across the country. Their outline in the cloud is proof of this. I saw dozens of tweets from all over Australia of people who took photos.

Now, news has stated that these holes in the clouds are a natural phenomenon…which is incorrect. If they had done their UFO research they would know about the 1957 Ft Belvoir case where a US solider saw a metal ring in the sky over his base and he took photos of it. However while he took photos, the UFO created a white smoke cloud around it until it was 100% hidden from view. I have a 50 magazine in which this case was first published in. Also the 2006 O’Hare Airport UFO, where hundreds of people saw the grey disk hovering over Gate C17, after a few minutes it suddenly shot upward at an angle. As it went up, it went though a overhead cloud leaving a perfect round hole in it for 15 minutes!



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