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Paul Hellyer leaders are covering up proof of aliens, former Canadian defense minister claims (VIDEO)

Paul Hellyer Full Disclosure

Today, Paul Hellyer, Canada’s former Minister of National Defense warns of an Orwellian New World Order run by banker elites and their masters of war with designs on our personal freedoms. He also goes on to say that many of the USA’s presidents have known for many years about the truth of alien existance. They don’t want any change,” says Hellyer. He ...

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President Barack Obama Denies Knowledge of Aliens

President Obama Denies Alien Existence

On March 13 Jimmy Kimmel told President Obama that, if he were to ever become president, he would immediately go, with his hand “still hot from touching the Bible” at his inauguration, to wherever the Area 51 and UFO files are kept and read them. Obama quickly outlined how that wouldn’t and couldn’t happen. “That’s why you will not be President,” ...

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Wikileaks Documents Leaked Confirming The Existence Of Extraterrestrial Life & UFOs

Wikileaks ufo documents

Julian Assange has grabbed the attention of the entire planet, as both mainstream and alternative media networks have covered Wikileaks in depth. For those who don’t know, Wikileaks is an international, online, non-profit organization that publishes secret (classified) documents,  information, news leaks and other classified material from anonymous sources. They are no different from Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. As ...

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NASA UFO Evidence Dan Aykroyd Interview Alien Real Footage by NASA

Dan Aykroyd Tells all about UFOs

David Sereda, a UFO enthusiast, interviews the comedian Dan Aykroyd who claims he has had experiences with alien beings. Aykroyd expounds on UFO lore and his own beliefs on matters related to extraterrestrials. Footage of this interview is interspersed with video and film of these flying objects; video clips of a former Canadian defense minister speaking on the subject; audio ...

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