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NASA UFO Evidence Dan Aykroyd Interview Alien Real Footage by NASA

Dan Aykroyd Tells all about UFOs

David Sereda, a UFO enthusiast, interviews the comedian Dan Aykroyd who claims he has had experiences with alien beings. Aykroyd expounds on UFO lore and his own beliefs on matters related to extraterrestrials. Footage of this interview is interspersed with video and film of these flying objects; video clips of a former Canadian defense minister speaking on the subject; audio ...

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NASA Plans To Send Astronauts To Mars In Mid-2030s

Nasa to send astronauts to mars

NASA’s Orion spacecraft will launch Thursday morning, performing an unmanned test flight for the machinery that will eventually bring humans to asteroids, before ultimately transporting them to Mars. While “eventually” has always been sort of a given, NASA has finally announced projected dates. During a press conference today on NASA TV, it was announced that Orion will bring four astronauts ...

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NASA Curiosity Photographed Gigantic Creature Fossilized Spine On Mars

Has a fossilized, reptilian spine been spotted on Mars by the Curiosity rover? According to plenty of NASA watchers on the web, it’s possible. In the latest round of photos published by the space agency to the Internet, one picture caught the attention of the eagle-eyed public dedicated to poring over every pixel downloaded from the rover carefully making its ...

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