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NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft snapped the first high-resolution photographs of Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft snapped the first high-resolution photographs of Pluto and its moons this week. The images reveal the planetary system in unprecedented detail — highlighting mountain ranges, icy plains, deep canyons, and more. In the latest data from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, a new close-up image of Pluto reveals a vast, craterless plain that appears to be no ...

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Nasa Mission To Europa To Search For Alien Life

Nasa plans to search for life on Europa

NASA mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa might end up attempting to find indicators of life on the icy, ocean-harboring world. NASA officials have requested scientists to contemplate ways in which a Europa mission might seek for proof of alien life within the plumes of water vapor that apparently blast into space from Europa’s south polar area. These plumes, which NASA’s ...

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Nasa chief scientist expects to find alien life within 20 years

NASA to find alien life

A NASA scientist says we’re just a couple of years away from having  proof of extraterrestrial life. On Tuesday, April 7, NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan spoke on a panel about water within the universe. Water is an important ingredient for life as we all know it. So astrobiologists usually focus the search for extraterrestrial life on worlds where water is ...

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UFO News 2015 NASA deleting UFO photos from its website!

NASA Deleting photos

In the news issued recently NASA has been caught deleting photos from its website of what is unmistakable evidence of the existence of UFO’s. The UFO photos first appeared on the NASA Johnson Space Centre website in May 2011 and clearly showed a spacecraft of some advanced ‘unique’ design. The photos were initially leaked by someone in NASA wanting to get ...

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NASA’s Orion capsule begins its 3,600-mile journey into space

NASA Orion Launch

NASA’s Orion capsule has blasted off on the farthest journey into space anyone has ever attempted since the last Apollo moon mission. In fact, a Delta IV rocket will propel it to an altitude of 3,600 miles, roughly 14 times that of the International Space Station’s — and for good reason. NASA and Lockheed, which has been building the vessel ...

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