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Stephen Hawking Announces $100 Million Pledge To Search For Extraterrestrial Life

Stephen Hawking Extraterrestrial Life

Are we alone within the universe? Considering we now believe there to be billions of Earth-like worlds  throughout our galaxy,  But scientists have been trying to find alerts from extraterrestrial life for many years, to no avail. We shouldn’t dwell on this. In spite of everything, as astronomer Jill Tarter likes to remind us, for those who dip a drinking glass ...

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The French Government Has An Official Agency Of UFO Hunters

French UFO Hunters

Inside the French Space Centre headquarters, a small team consisting of four staffers and a dozen volunteers is tasked with analyzing reports of unidentified flying objects — and sometimes, the agency dispatches trained investigators to visit the locations of the strange sightings. They are the Agents of G.E.I.P.A.N Okay, in truth, their acronym is not the least bit cool. It ...

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