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Nasa Mission To Europa To Search For Alien Life

Nasa plans to search for life on Europa

NASA mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa might end up attempting to find indicators of life on the icy, ocean-harboring world. NASA officials have requested scientists to contemplate ways in which a Europa mission might seek for proof of alien life within the plumes of water vapor that apparently blast into space from Europa’s south polar area. These plumes, which NASA’s ...

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Nasa chief scientist expects to find alien life within 20 years

NASA to find alien life

A NASA scientist says we’re just a couple of years away from having  proof of extraterrestrial life. On Tuesday, April 7, NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan spoke on a panel about water within the universe. Water is an important ingredient for life as we all know it. So astrobiologists usually focus the search for extraterrestrial life on worlds where water is ...

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Astronomers Hear Alien Noise Coming From Earth Like Planet

Earth like planets

Astronomers have picked up a mystery “noise” which they imagine might be coming from an Earth-like planet within our solar system. After analyzing the unusual indicators emitting from the planet, scientists are sure that a liveable planet exists some 22 gentle light years away, a report stated. In 2010, scientists had dismissed the thriller noise or alerts as stellar bursts however ...

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