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Grey Alien Abduction Cases Documentary

Alien Abduction Video

Zeta Reticuli, a dim binary system of Sun-like stars only 39.5 light years away in the little constellation of Reticulum is strangely well-known. Why is it so famous? This system was once identified as the home of the little grey-faced and black-eyed humanoids who allegedly abducted Barney and Betty Hill and ever since has appeared in popular culture as the ...

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Real Alien Video Evidence Caught On Tape

Real Aliens Video

Alien Footage Do you believe in aliens? We have a great video showing some alien pictures and alien video footage. While it is very possible that some of the photographs shown in this video are indeed fake or hoaxes, keep bear in mind that the fact it only takes one real alien photograph to prove that there is an extraterrestrial reality. Unfortunately, most ...

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Could This Be the Real Roswell Alien Footage

This intriguing footage of what purports to be a 36 second clip of the body of a dead alien being carried into a military airplane hanger and examined by military personnel including at least one MP, was originally published in UNCENSORED, a New Zealand and Australian quarterly magazine (www.uncensoredpublications.com) that is now being distributed in the US. The magazine’s technical ...

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