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Grey Alien Abduction Cases Documentary

Alien Abduction Video

Zeta Reticuli, a dim binary system of Sun-like stars only 39.5 light years away in the little constellation of Reticulum is strangely well-known. Why is it so famous? This system was once identified as the home of the little grey-faced and black-eyed humanoids who allegedly abducted Barney and Betty Hill and ever since has appeared in popular culture as the ...

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Real UFO Alien Abduction Video 2015

Alien Abductions

Another Great UFO Abduction Video Alien Abductions, Probing, and Implants and interviews from individuals who declare to have been kidnapped by aliens. Abduction claimants report uncommon emotions preceding the onset of an abduction expertise.┬áThese emotions manifest as a compulsive need to be at a sure place at a sure time or as expectations that one thing “acquainted but unknown,” will ...

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