Statue Head Found on Planet Mars – UFO Sightings 2016

With now hundreds of clear Mars alien humanoid and animal remains, dozens of wrecked boats, aircraft and vehicles with carved and manufactured artefacts discovered in recent months ArtAlienTV and other notable Mars anomaly channels now have what seems to be indisputable evidence for a past civilization on Mars.

Yet the mainstream media and scientific community are still reluctant to admit that there is any evidence for past Mars life.

Only blurred, distant and easily disputed finds ever make the press. There is still a constant feed of nonsensical articles about drilling holes in pebbles to find water when there are alien remains and artefacts right in front of the Mars rovers an almost every other set of images.

No one on Earth to date has ever given me one single good reason why there should not be life on Mars either past or present.

There is a constant barrage of trolls declaring that there is nothing but rocks on Mars even though they have done no research what so ever on the matter.

Statue found on Mars 2016

Hatred and xenophobia is still rife on this planet and it now seems to be extending to our near planetary neighbours. Many people are reluctant to even contemplate life on a near planet like Mars and would rather it was much further away to be an issue for them.

This intellectually immature attitude stretches throughout society and is probably the reason for agencies like NASA keeping a lid on this evidence.
99% of all the Mars images we get are over compressed and re-sized in such a way as to destroy the data on all but the closest and largest.

But researchers around the world with good image enhancing skills and keen eyes are still managing to squeeze out a surprising amount of detailed information from these deliberately obfuscated and mainly poor quality images.

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