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Mass UFO Sighting with Multiple Witnesses

Mass UFO Sightings

The video presents evidence of UFO’s demonstrating intelligent control and advanced ariel maneuvers beyond our known aircraft. Part 1 reviews Robert Bingham’s Public UFO Contact Event on June 21, 2015 at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles CA. The intro explores the phenomenon of UFO Summoning and using group energy and intention to produce UFO sightings. First capture at 1:49 shows ...

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Off Duty Police UFO Sightings 1963-2008 Reports

Uk Police UFO Sightings

Off Duty Police UFO Sightings 1963 UFO Sightings The sighting reports derive from a number of sources, from officers themselves to historical newspaper archive reports and to official information reports released by the Ministry of Defence. Summer 1963. 0200 hours. Location – Netley, Hampshire. As an off duty female officer, WPC POTHECARY was cycling near to Netley Railway Station on ...

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FBI and WIKILEAKS Confirm UFO’s Are Real!

FBI cliam UFO are real

The official documentation released by dozens of governments worldwide proves that Flying saucer shaped UFO’s have been found and bodies recovered from crash sites. In fact, it is now clear that UFOs are able to be tracked on radar and can be seen performing multiple maneuvers that definitely defy humanity’s idea of what physics is. Further documentation and other sources ...

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10 Best UFO Sightings Before Photoshop Existed

Top 10 UFO sightings before photoshop. Have aliens been coming here for a long time? why does our government deny it and ridicule everyone for describing their encounters?  What is their real reason for keeping us in the dark? A good video from looknowtv explaining the top 10 best ufo sightings before photoshop was invented.    

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BBC News Catches Multiple UFO’s Live During ISS Soyuz expedition

ISS UFo spotted

There was much hype about this recent space launch to the ISS from Kazakhstan, what with it being the first time a British Astronaut (Major Tim Peake) and then the drama that unfolded when the automated systems onboard failed close before the planned docking on December 15, 2015. Soyuz commander Yuri Malenchenko took manual control of the Soyuz before resuming for another ...

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