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China Government Confirms Existence Of UFO And Aliens

China confirms UFO

It’s official now China Government Confirms Existence Of UFO And Aliens UFO conspiracy theories argue that evidence of unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial visitors is being suppressed by various governments, and politicians in every country, most notably the officials of Washington DC. Such conspiracy theories commonly argue that Earth governments, especially the Government of the United States, are in communication ...

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Top 5 Alien UFO Sightings 2016

Watch some of the best alien and UFO Sightings from 2016. The existence of UFOs is something of a massive debate whether it’s flying saucer-like objects or strange fireballs illuminating the sky, there have been thousands of unexplained sightings over the years. But what are some of the best UFO videos on the internet? here are the top 5 UFO sightings from 2016.    

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Nasa Stops ISS Broadcast – Nasa Cover up?

Nasa UFo Cover Up?

NASA announcement that it is shutting down the live video feed of the International Space Station (ISS) forever has caused an uproar in the UFO and alien community. Many UFO researchers think that the decision is the last ditch effort to cover-up UFO evidence. NASA published the announcement on its website on July 29 saying that NASA Television’s Space Station ...

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Proof of US Operational Antigravity Propulsion Vehicles


Mark McCandlish is an accomplished aerospace illustrator and has worked for many of the top aerospace corporations in the United States. His colleague, Brad Sorenson, with whom he studied, has been inside a facility at Norton Air Force Base, where he witnessed alien reproduction vehicles, or ARVs, that were fully operational and hovering. In his testimony, you will learn that ...

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Breakthrough Starshot announces mission to Alpha Centauri

Breakhrough Starshot

A fantastic space mission to visit our nearest star system and find out if alien life exists has been launched by Professor Stephen Hawking. Alpha Centauri is 25 trillion miles away (4.3 light years) and would take around 30,000 years to achieve with present technology. Nevertheless Professor Hawking has joined forces with Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, to develop ...

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