Shape Shifting UFO Caught On Video in USA

A video of unusual shapes has caught the eye of on-line residents. Tony Shea, who owns paranormal website Shea Journal, initially thought he recorded the planet Venus over New York. He then felt a presence when capturing the obvious planet.

Within the video description, he mentioned that he wakened at round 2 am after a wierd dream. He believed at first it was due to his laptop’s reflection off the window.

UFO seen over New York

However then he felt an odd presence watching him. He sensed one thing like a beam coming via the window. He bought his digicam and began recording. He caught on cam a form-morphing exercise between a flaming ball, planet, triangle, molecule, angular form, and a jellyfish. The witness added that it even shaped like a puffer fish or cells below a microscope at a selected stage.

Mr Shea is conscious that some individuals could present affordable explanations, comparable to distant planets, meteors, or nuclear explosions. He himself doesn’t rule out Venus, Jupiter or Mars as a attainable clarification as a result of the three planets are seen this month. He additionally stated that it might be a star, a meteor, or nuclear explosion in house.

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