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Alien Abductions, Probing, and Implants and interviews from individuals who declare to have been kidnapped by aliens.

Abduction claimants report uncommon emotions preceding the onset of an abduction expertise. These emotions manifest as a compulsive need to be at a sure place at a sure time or as expectations that one thing “acquainted but unknown,” will quickly happen.  Abductees additionally report feeling in a state of shock and unable to move.

Finally, the experiencer will endure an obvious “shift” into an altered state of consciousness. British abduction researchers have known as this variation in consciousness “the OzFactor.” Exterior sounds stop to have any significance to the experiencer and fall out of notion. They report feeling introspective and unusually calm. This stage marks a transition from regular exercise to a state of “limited self-willed mobility.” As consciousness shifts a number of lights are alleged to look, sometimes accompanied by an odd mist.The supply and nature of the lights differ by report; generally the sunshine emanates from a supply outdoors the home (presumably the abductors’ UFO), generally the lights are within the bed room with the experiencer and rework into alien figures.

Because the alleged abduction proceeds, claimants say they are going to stroll or be levitated into an alien craft, within the latter case usually by means of stable objects akin to partitions, ceilings or a closed window. Alternatively, they could see rising via a tunnel or alongside a beam of sunshine, with or with out the abductors accompanying them, into the awaiting craft.

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