Readers UFO Sightings #1

Reader UFO sightings

One of our readers has sent in this statement of his ufo sightings

Subject: ufo sighting 1979

In july 1979 just before sunrise about 500 yards before me at tree top level a flying disk came into view from the left, it was so close i could see through the glass. As I was looking trying to gather as much info as i could, something else was caching my eye again to my left, but I did not want to remove my sight from the disk but in the end I did and it was another flying disk.

I became scared and stood by a fence post but could not take my eyes off the disks they where moving slowly 30mph then stoped.  One would drop and other saucer shaped ufo slid over it. I noticed it had got some kind of light coming out from one of the craft. I noticed it was me moving not them.

I went to see what was so interesting to them and it was a new electricity sub station that had only just been finished still in primer paint.

The disks where 30yards long, silver in colour with black glass no joints anywhere and quite lovely, if you turned them upside down they would look the same.I could see through the glass and it looked like chrome stairs and lighting but there was no lights on.

I read about people seeing things and I do not beleve in 99 % of them, but I do know a very few are real. I have never seen enything before this or since.


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