President Barack Obama Denies Knowledge of Aliens

On March 13 Jimmy Kimmel told President Obama that, if he were to ever become president, he would immediately go, with his hand “still hot from touching the Bible” at his inauguration, to wherever the Area 51 and UFO files are kept and read them. Obama quickly outlined how that wouldn’t and couldn’t happen.

“That’s why you will not be President,” Obama told the “Late Night” host, laughing. “The aliens won’t let that happen. You’d reveal all of their secrets. They exercise strict control over us.”

Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t done, though. He told President Obama that people would be parsing his answers, looking for facial telltales and giveaways, tics and mannerisms to see if he was being truthful.  The president, his face growing somewhat serious, said he could not reveal anything like that. Kimmel said “Oh, really?” and pressed on. He noted that when Bill Clinton was on his show last year, the former president admitted that he had read the files. Clinton also said that there was nothing being kept secret by the U. S. government concerning aliens.

“That’s what we’re expected to say,” Obama replied, again laughing. And that was all he had to say about the matter.

All jokes aside, many take the UFO and alien files kept by the government very seriously. And although hundreds of thousands of documents on UFOs and the investigations into sightings and associated phenomena have been made public, much of what is accessible is highly redacted. The UFO research community has been highly vocal for years in their efforts to gain more transparency with regard to the all official federal records.

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