Paul Hellyer leaders are covering up proof of aliens, former Canadian defense minister claims (VIDEO)

Paul Hellyer Full DIsclosure

Today, Paul Hellyer, Canada’s former Minister of National Defense warns of an Orwellian New World Order run by banker elites and their masters of war with designs on our personal freedoms. He also goes on to say that many of the USA’s presidents have known for many years about the truth of alien existance.

They don’t want any change,” says Hellyer.

He also looks at issues such as the Cabal’s connection to extraterrestrials, their technology, nuclear weapons tampering and national security issues related to this association. Finally, Mr. Hellyer reviews the Plan for a New American Century, and the military-industrial complex and its blueprint for perpetual war leading to complete dominance of Planet Earth

He ends with a plea to urge the Harper government and legislators everywhere not to let current free trade agreements go forward. “That is high treason,” he says.  

Paul Hellyer been outspoken about aliens among us since accusing the U.S. of planning an intergalactic war in 2005, the same year he asked Canada to hold public hearings on ETs, according to UFO Digest.

Hellyer served as an artillery man during World War II and earned an aeronautical engineering degree from the now-defunct Curtiss-Wright Technical Institute of Aeronautics in California before entering Canadian politics after the war.

Hellyer claims he’s seen a UFO near Toronto just a few years ago. And he gets regular reports from people who claim they’ve been abducted by aliens. It’s an alien planet if you’re paying attention.

“They’ve been visiting our planet for thousands of years,”

Full Disclosure Video from the Hon. Paul Hellyer

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