Metallic UFO Object Found On Mars

ufo on mars

Curious people have found what appears to be some kind of space craft on the surface of mars.

If the object is not a piece fallen off the rover, JPL should be ashamed of themselves.
Confirmation by other researchers is needed to ascertain the reflective
qualities of the rock/anomaly shown

According to the witness, the word science may have different meaning when it comes to the exploration of Mars by JPL.

Referring to an object on Mars’ surface that look like a hubcap, the witness believes that NASA tried to hide a metallic UFO by altering the image using an editing software, such as Photoshop. The witness alleged NASA of cover up by obscuring the UFO with artificial rust pixel.

After removing the artificial rust pixel, the witness claimed to have seen a metallic spaceship on Martian surface. The witness believes that the rover encountered the mysterious ship but could not detect it with any of its so-called science equipment. The witness adds that the rover might have been busy drilling again and failing to notice the spaceship.

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