Man Builds Giant Alien Head To lure Visiting Aliens

Giant Alien Head Built

A California man with a fascination for aliens hopes that his backyard art project will entice ETs to finally make their presence known here on Earth.Larry Decker constructed the giant sixty-by-ninety-foot alien head over the course of four days using rocks.

“My idea was to build this thing big enough to be seen from up there, and hopefully, they’ll decide to come down and check it out,” he told ABC News.

In anticipation of a possible visit from curious aliens who may spot the display, Decker has equipped his backyard with a myriad of cameras so that he can capture any clandestine ET arrivals.

Potential alien tourists who may be weary about Decker’s motives can rest easy as the UFO enthusiast says that he merely wishes to “go to the porch swing and have a nice chat” with the space brothers.

Should the theoretical conversation go well, perhaps the ETs will return the favor and build an enormous depiction of Decker’s face somewhere on the landscape of their home world.

Source: ABC News

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