How to Report A UFO?


Start with the exact date and time of the UFO Sighting

List all witnesses’ names, addresses, and phone numbers. Also provide ages and occupations when possible.Give your exact location at the time of the sighting. Street address, city, state, country.

Describe the weather. Was it sunny? Overcast? Raining? A clear night? Full moon?

In what part of the sky was the UFO located? North, South, East, West? On the horizon or straight overhead or somewhere in between?

Did the UFO move? How far and how fast? Describe its movements in detail.

Describe the appearance of the UFO: shape, size, distance, color, texture, sound. Draw a picture of it.

Describe the area in which you made the sighting. Is it near an airport? An Air Force Base? A military or research installation of any kind?

If you wish to report the sighting to your local authorities or to the military, then do so. Remember, distribute only copies of reports or photos. Do not give the originals to anyone.

If you are sending your UFO sightings to us to include on this website then please visit this link

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