Fast Travelling UFO Spotted Over Plymouth UK

UFO over Plymouth UK

Major sightings of a 2 UFO’s shooting across the Plymouth skyline have left two residents speechless and air traffic controllers baffled.

Ian Shepherd, who reported the UFO sighting, said:

“I thought it was a plane at first, but it was moving way too fast to be something from this world.

“It was travelling from left to right, left to right. It was so quick, it was like it was teleporting across the sky.

“It was so far away, it was hard to say what it was exactly, but it was football-shaped and had this light that changed from being constant and white to blinking and rusty-like. It was copper-coloured.

“It was such a clear sky that there was no way anyone could miss it. It was definitely not a drone, it was too quick and bright for that and it definitely wasn’t a plane.

“I don’t care what people might say, that was a UFO.”

A Ministry of Defence spokesman confirmed there were no military flights scheduled in Plymouth on Monday night, though a Cornish man photographed what he claims was a NATO spy plane circling over St Austell on Tuesday morning.

Paul Beauchamp, of the National Air Traffic Services, gave some hope to conspiracy theorists, however, after failing to rule out the two sightings.

“We have had a look at our logs for Monday night and there are no reports which match this type of activity,” he explained.

“However, we handle traffic in a controlled air space and, for Plymouth, that starts at around 14,000ft. Any reports of aircraft flying near housing is too low for us to monitor.

“We cannot categorically say what it was these two people saw.”

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