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Some of the best UFO Pictures images photographs ever taken. view our great gallery of the best ufo pics ever!

Could This Be the Real Roswell Alien Footage

the real roswell video live on

  This intriguing footage of what purports to be a 36 second clip of the body of a dead alien being carried into a military airplane hanger and examined by military personnel including at least one MP, was originally published in UNCENSORED, a New Zealand and Australian quarterly magazine ( that is now being distributed in the US. The magazine’s ...

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Best UFO Pics Ever Taken

Evidently this photo was purportedly taken by a Mr. Dean Morgan who was a part-time photographer who was simply in the area taking photographs at the time of this event. Evidently he didn’t live in Redbud, but Greenville, where he still presently resides at 1520 Willow St.

Best UFO Pics Here at AUFOS (alien ufo sightings) we have gatherered up some of the best ufo photographs, ufo images and ufo pics ever taken. Make your own mind up are UFO’s real?

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