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Breakthrough Starshot announces mission to Alpha Centauri

Breakhrough Starshot

A fantastic space mission to visit our nearest star system and find out if alien life exists has been launched by Professor Stephen Hawking. Alpha Centauri is 25 trillion miles away (4.3 light years) and would take around 30,000 years to achieve with present technology. Nevertheless Professor Hawking has joined forces with Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, to develop ...

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Man Builds Giant Alien Head To lure Visiting Aliens

Giant Alien Head Built

A California man with a fascination for aliens hopes that his backyard art project will entice ETs to finally make their presence known here on Earth.Larry Decker constructed the giant sixty-by-ninety-foot alien head over the course of four days using rocks. “My idea was to build this thing big enough to be seen from up there, and hopefully, they’ll decide ...

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Fast Travelling UFO Spotted Over Plymouth UK

UFO over Plymouth UK

Major sightings of a 2 UFO’s shooting across the Plymouth skyline have left two residents speechless and air traffic controllers baffled. Ian Shepherd, who reported the UFO sighting, said: “I thought it was a plane at first, but it was moving way too fast to be something from this world. “It was travelling from left to right, left to right. It was so quick, ...

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Tom DeLonge Talks About Government Secrets and Alien Interactions

Tom Delonge discusses government ufos

Co-founder of the rock bands Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves, Tom DeLonge, joined George Knapp for the entire program to share riveting government secrets he’s learned about alien interactions on Earth. DeLonge abruptly changed his career focus last year when he announced the launch of Sekret Machines, the umbrella title for a series of books, films, and documentaries which ...

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UK Petition For The Release Of Alien Existence

UK Petitions for UFO reports

UK Petition for the release of evidence alien existance Thousands of UFO sightings were recorded during 2015 and shows no sign of slowing down in 2016.  A UK petition has been setup for the disclosure of information about the knowledge of (ET extra terrestrial existence) Info taken from the petition The amount of sightings and people coming forward about interaction with beings ...

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