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Strange UFO Sighting In Spring, Texas

UFO SIghtings In Texas

An strange UFO video was uploaded by Joseph Reyna depicting a bunch of white orbs or lights. They look like the orbs were linked as if a part of one massive craft. No video description is was used so particulars are sparse. Submit your UFO video for evaluation: Please watch the video and tell us your thoughts about what you think it may be? For ...

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Real Alien Video Evidence Caught On Tape

Real Aliens Video

Alien Footage Do you believe in aliens? We have a great video showing some alien pictures and alien video footage. While it is very possible that some of the photographs shown in this video are indeed fake or hoaxes, keep bear in mind that the fact it only takes one real alien photograph to prove that there is an extraterrestrial reality. Unfortunately, most ...

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Astronomers Hear Alien Noise Coming From Earth Like Planet

Earth like planets

Astronomers have picked up a mystery “noise” which they imagine might be coming from an Earth-like planet within our solar system. After analyzing the unusual indicators emitting from the planet, scientists are sure that a liveable planet exists some 22 gentle light years away, a report stated. In 2010, scientists had dismissed the thriller noise or alerts as stellar bursts however ...

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British MoD accused of UFO cover-up

rendlesham ufo incident

UFO spotters have accused Westminster of a cover-up over a delayed launch of a cache of paperwork often known as “Britain’s X-Files”. The Ministry of Defence promised to launch 18 UFO information documents at the end of last year, however they’ve did not materialise. After Lord Black of Brentwood tabled a query to the Home of Lords final month, the MoD ...

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Strange Ufo Sighting spotted in the night sky in Cannock UK

A wierd ufo was spotted moving slowly and loudly throughout the evening sky in Cannock has sparked a UFO frenzy. A whole lot of owners took to social media after first listening to a loud drone, then recognizing the huge object transfer slowly over their properties. Many imagine that there’s a very earthly clarification for a Shut Encounter that has the group ...

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