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Nasa Mission To Europa To Search For Alien Life

Nasa plans to search for life on Europa

NASA mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa might end up attempting to find indicators of life on the icy, ocean-harboring world. NASA officials have requested scientists to contemplate ways in which a Europa mission might seek for proof of alien life within the plumes of water vapor that apparently blast into space from Europa’s south polar area. These plumes, which NASA’s ...

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NASA search for alien life – and it wants your help

Nasa Search For Alien LIfe

The final frontier: Discovering alien life has become a brand new precedence for NASA NASA has launched an “unprecedented” drive to seek out alien life – and it needs your help. Its new Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (NExSS) group will unite scientists and house specialists from quite a lot of disciplines. Humanity’s quest to search out life out in ...

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Real Alien Video Evidence Caught On Tape

Real Aliens Video

Alien Footage Do you believe in aliens? We have a great video showing some alien pictures and alien video footage. While it is very possible that some of the photographs shown in this video are indeed fake or hoaxes, keep bear in mind that the fact it only takes one real alien photograph to prove that there is an extraterrestrial reality. Unfortunately, most ...

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Could This Be the Real Roswell Alien Footage

This intriguing footage of what purports to be a 36 second clip of the body of a dead alien being carried into a military airplane hanger and examined by military personnel including at least one MP, was originally published in UNCENSORED, a New Zealand and Australian quarterly magazine ( that is now being distributed in the US. The magazine’s technical ...

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NASA Finds Evidence Of Life On Mars (Video)

Has Nasa found life on mars

Evidence of life on Mars may have been discovered by Mars Rover. More test need to be performed to conclude life is or was there. Mysterious spikes of methane, that cannot easily be explained by geology or other theories, have been found by an instrument on the curiosity rover. [youtube][/youtube] Scientists cannot be sure what is causing the spikes, but ...

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