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What is AUFOS?

UFO Encounters AUFOS  pronounced owe-foss (Alien UFO Sightings)  is a UK UFO News organisation dealing with the subject of UFOs, USO’s Alien existence and The Paranormal. We started in November 2014 and have had great feedback regarding the website and news we provide. We believe that life does exist in our universe and we hope we can try to bring you the readers closer to the answer, Is there Alien life in our universe and has it visited earth?

With some of the best UFO documentaries to the best UFO images people have captured, we aim to bring you the latest ufo news and resports from around the globe, be sure to bookmark our website and check back daily.

If you have seen something unusual or captured a ufo on your camera, we would love to see the evidence and hear your report. you can upload ufo sightings here

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